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Platinum is a precious metal mined less than gold and has a higher market value than other metals, with platinum coins being scarce. Sell your platinum coins, such as the American Eagle, Austrian Vienna, and Australian koala coins, at the most competitive prices at ALLU that reflect the item's rarity.

Sell Your Platinum Coin at ALLU

Platinum is an incredibly valuable metal due to its scarce minable amount worldwide. Being even rarer than gold, its trade value in the marketplace is higher than other metals. Though platinum is often used for jewellery and industrial products, platinum coins are also manufactured for ease of distribution and quantification, one could think of them as simply a certain amount of platinum in the shape of a coin. These platinum coins are officially manufactured in several countries, with famous examples including the Platinum Eagle Coin issued in the United States, the Platinum Koala Coin issued in Australia, and the Platinum Vienna Coin Harmony issued in Austria.

Though many buyers use platinum for the purpose of asset building, others, attracted by its captivating whiteness and shine, buy it simply as jewellery. This jewellery often takes the form of coin necklaces and coin pendants. Being small in quantity and popular as accessories and jewellery, it’s no wonder that platinum coins have become more expensive in recent years.

At ALLU, we actively buy platinum coins. We consider current market trends and data when assessing our customer’s platinum items allowing us to offer the most competitive rates. In addition to platinum items, we welcome other platinum items as well, so feel free to bring them in for an assessment.

Platinum Market Price


Daily Market Price *Per Gram

Pt900 / K18 (50-50)
Pt850 / K18 (50-50)

*The market selling price does not include handling fees. We will inform you about the handling fees at the time of the appraisal.

What We Buy at ALLU

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    Gold and Precious Metals
  • Watches
  • Brand Bags
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  • Jewellery
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■Items You Can Sell

Bags, pouches, tote bags, business bags, boston bags, travel bags, shoulder bags, wallets, card cases, passport holders, key cases, wristwatches, mules, sandals, oxfords, pumps, boots, pair rings, rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, brooches, bracelets, gloves, belts, pens, wrist bands, anklets, accessories, hats and caps, mufflers, handkerchiefs, neckties, stoles, scarves, jackets, coats, blousons, t-shirts, and suits etc.

Can I Sell Items in Poor Condition?

Yes, We Will Appraise Items Regardless of Condition! We Welcome All Items at ALLU!

  • Bent or Broken

    Bent or Broken Image

    We'll Appraise and Buy!Bent or Broken Platinum Items

  • Missing Gemstones

    Missing Gemstones Image

    We'll Appraise and Buy!Platinum Items Missing Gemstones

  • Unpaired Earrings

    Unpaired Earrings Image

    We'll Appraise and Buy!Small Platinum Items or Missing Pieces

  • Industrial Use

    Industrial Use Image

    We'll Appraise and Buy!Large Amounts or Industrial Use Platinum

  • Artistic Items

    Artistic Items

    We'll Appraise and Buy!Platinum Items with Artistic Value

  • Antiques

    Antiques Image

    We'll Appraise and Buy!Platinum Items with Antique Value

  • Unmarked Ingots

    Unmarked Ingots Image

    We'll Appraise and Buy!Platinum Ingots without Markings

  • Dentures

    Dentures Image

    We'll Appraise and Buy!Platinum Teeth Dentures

ALLU Offers Much More than High Selling Prices!


Reliable, credible, and trustworthy appraisals

Our knowledgeable and experienced experts provide accurate appraisals
Appraisal and Customer Service Training

Our staff undergo thorough training under the tutelage of specialists in various fields, such as watches and jewellery, that allow us to provide the most accurate, detailed, and credible appraisals. We conduct periodic in-house tests to ensure our employees maintain their expertise and develop new skills. As professionals, we constantly strive to improve our skills to provide the most competitive appraisals.


Focus on providing high-quality customer service

Focus on providing high-quality customer service

We make the selling process as simple as possible, and our staff ensures that our customers understand and are satisfied with each appraisal.


We purchase a wide variety of items and brands

We purchase a wide variety of items and brands

We cater for an extensive range of items and brands and actively consider items in all conditions, even items our competitors may refuse to buy.


No selling quantity or price limits

No selling quantity or price limits

For customers with large amounts or significantly expensive items, we buy and pay on the day without any limits in quantity or value.


Quick and easy appraisals

Quick and easy appraisals

Through our expert proficiency and globally vast product data collection, we provide speedy appraisals with minimal waiting time.


Stress-free and private spaces

Stress-free and private spaces

We strive to create the most stress-free selling experience with store spaces designed to ensure comfort and privacy.


Conveniently located stores

Conveniently located stores

ALLU stores are located in central areas for convenient access. Feel free to stop by while shopping or on the way home.

Customer Testimonials: Selling Platinum Coins at ALLU

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    I expected to get the best offer and wasn’t disappointed.

    As a hobby, I collected coins for many years. Now, I have many commemorative coins made out of platinum in my collection. Unfortunately, I decided today to sell these coins due to extenuating circumstances. I first took them to ALLU, where I expected the best offer and wasn’t disappointed. Thank you, ALLU, for buying my coins for a good price.


    Thank you for selling your Platinum Coin at ALLU.

    Thank you for visiting us today to sell your commemorative coins. Your coins were fairly old, with some noticeable surface scratches on them. However, these coins were made of genuine platinum, and combined with the design, it was clear they were valuable. Based on these factors, we could offer a price greater than our usual prices in-store. Ultimately, we are delighted to hear that our offer met your expectations. We will continue to strive to provide our customers with the best service, and we truly appreciate your continued patronage. Thank you again, and if you have any other items you want to sell, we hope you consider taking advantage of our services again.

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    Surprisingly high prices for my platinum coins!

    I had some platinum coins lying in a drawer that I had received from an event I went to in the past. They weren’t doing me any good, just sitting in a drawer, and since they were clearly unneeded, I decided to sell them. I went to the nearby ALLU store to find out their worth. I was thrilled to learn that they were relatively valuable, and I agreed to sell them at the offered price. I’ll definitely keep ALLU in mind for any future unneeded items.


    Thank you for selling your Platinum Coin at ALLU.

    Thank you for visiting us today to sell your platinum coins. Unfortunately, in our initial search, “platinum event coins” returned nothing useful. However, since these coins were 1000pt, pure platinum, they were incredibly valuable. Therefore, we were happy to make an offer at a price higher than the average and pleased to hear that our offer exceeded your expectations. If you have any other items you want to sell, we hope you consider taking advantage of our services again. We welcome items that are scratched or damaged and even pieces that would be rejected at other stores. Thank you again for your visit.

Shop Information

You Only Need an I.D. to Sell at ALLU!

Required Form of Identification
  • Driver's Licence
  • Passport
  • Only one of the above forms of identification is required.
  • We can not buy items from customers under the age of 18 years old.
  • We do not accept identification documents that are expired or out-of-date.
  • Corporate customers follow the same selling process as individual customers. No additional documentation is required.
Visit our FAQ section for more information

ALLU Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decide the selling price of gold, platinum and other precious metal accessories?

The selling price of precious metals such as gold and platinum is determined according to the ‘market price’, which is set on a daily basis.
We measure the items you bring to us and derive the appraisal value based on the market price x weight. However, in some cases, if the item possesses an exceptional design as jewellery, we may consider the additional value.

My gold/precious metal does not have any engravings. Can I still get it appraised and sell it?

We can evaluate the item, and if we are able to determine that it is gold, we can purchase it. However, please understand that it may take us some time to check the ratio and other details of the precious metal in question, and there may be cases where we can not proceed with a transaction due to the evaluation.

Can I sell broken items such as broken necklaces, rings with missing stones, or earrings with one pair missing?

We will evaluate the item(s) in question, and if we can determine they are made of precious metals, we can make an offer for them.

How long does it take for an appraisal at the store?

We estimate 10 to 15 minutes for a single item. It depends on the item and the quantity, so please ask our staff when you visit.

Do scratches and stains affect the selling price?

Generally, the condition of the item does not have a major impact.
In the case of ingots, depending on their condition, they may be treated as scrap, which may significantly affect the selling price. For other precious metal products, we will have to actually observe the item in question before making a decision.

Can I sell old coins and foreign gold coins?

If, according to our regulations, we can determine that the item(s) can be treated as precious metals, we can make an offer for them at the best possible price.

Some commemorative and foreign gold coins have a premium value, as they are hard to obtain due to their small circulation. If you bring such gold coins to us, they may be worth more than ordinary precious metals.

When is the best time to sell gold and precious metals?

Compared to past gold market prices, the current prices can be considered quite advantageous, so we believe that the present is a favourable time to consider selling.

However, the market price of gold and precious metals fluctuates daily, so it is very important to notice the timing when the market price is high.

Is the selling price different for ingots and gold jewellery?

Yes, the selling price of ingots and gold accessories is different.
Ingots have their own values and prices: we can make an offer at the ingot price if the brand is recognised in our regulations. On the other hand, even if it is 24-karat gold, gold jewellery is treated as scrap, so that the price will be slightly lower.

Is there a difference in selling price between ingots with and without engraving?

Ingot prices are determinable only for the brands recognised by our regulations. Even if the item in question has the shape of an ingot, if it is not engraved, or if the issuing brand is not one of the recognised brands, there may be cases where it cannot be treated as an ingot.